Social Events

So who needs the whole hotel ballroom/engraved invitations/stiff and solemn behavior routine anyway?  Maybe it’s just not your style.  Maybe it’s a case of ‘been there, done that.’ Or maybe you’re just too hip to be traditional.  Well, have we got a deal for you!

Yes, Cedardale / Groveland does weddings.  And rehearsal parties, and showers, and all kinds of festive social events.  What could be more fun than celebrating life’s milestone moments in a casual, enjoyable, stress-free way?  It’s how you truly like to entertain – only better!

Because we vow to handle all the details:

  • Our chef will tailor an impressive menu to be served by our gracious staff.
  • Our bar professionals will serve your choice of wine, beer, and frozen drinks or operate a cash bar.
  • Guests can swim, drink, dance, dine, and enjoy all Cedardale / Groveland amenities.
  • Choose your own vendors for extra wedding and party services (flowers, cakes, music, photography, etc.).  We’ll even help with suggestions and referrals.